ClaySys IT Campus – Office Space in Infopark Phase 2

ClaySys Infrastructure is developing a 300,000 square feet IT office building complex inside Infopark Phase 2 in Kakanad, Kochi for those looking to rent an office space. This world class office infrastructure will feature a number of work lifestyle features and amenities specially designed to ensure an excellent work environment targeting IT companies and professionals especially working for Intellectual Property centric Technology Product companies.

The key requirement for any IP centric product company is staff retention, and a work environment for their staff that is suitable in supporting leisure activities, sports activities and related comforts, to ensure that working odd hours or bursts of long days are made as comfortable as possible. To support these requirements, the office space at ClaySys Infrastructure in Kochi Infopark Phase 2 have been designed with a Tennis Court, International Gym, Club House, Olympic size rooftop swimming pool, rooftop gardens, a 400 seat amphitheater, and premium dining facilities. Any IT Company renting up office space within the office buildings being developed by ClaySys Infrastructure will have access to all these support facilities, thus making it a ‘go to’ option for most aspiring IT Product Companies.


  • 300,000 square feet IT office building complex
  • Tennis Court
  • International Gym
  • Club House
  • Olympic size rooftop swimming pool
  • Rooftop gardens
  • A 400 seat amphitheater
  • Premium dining facilities
  • Extensive car parking

Given the parking congestion at Infopark Kakanad in general, ClaySys Infrastructure has designed the layout and facilities of the office buildings to support extensive car parking options, thus making it more accessible and comfortable for visitors and tenants. ClaySys Infrastructure will also feature its own AC luxury coaches, that will run a shuttle service between the office buildings and the Kochi Metro railway stations coming up in Infopark Phase 1 and Infopark Phase 2.

While most of the office buildings within Kochi Infopark or Smartcity in Kakanad are targeting the very big companies with thousands of employees, requiring entire floors of office space for each client, at ClaySys Infrastructure’s office buildings, the office spaces have been designed to be most suitable for smaller companies that are on average between 30 to 500 people in size. This innovative design ensures properly designed common areas for food services, restrooms, common recreation facilities and community building options.

At ClaySys Infrastructure we aim to set the benchmark for quality Technology Company office space options at Infopark Kochi.