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Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning is still a feature that is not planned, designed, or built into homes in Kochi or in India. It is usually a retrofit of split air conditioner units. But outside India, in the western countries, every home is planned and designed with ducted central air conditioning as a default feature, which we are building into homes we build in Kochi.
Forced Entry Proof Glass
Forced Entry Proof Glass
Forced entry into homes is always a risk. Metal grills do not really provide a foolproof safety option. ClaySys introduces laminated glass for its extensive glass facades. This provides physical security for each home we build, practically much greater than the traditional metal grills.
Solar Power

The homes we construct can be equipped with a Solar Power plant on the rooftop, at no additional cost to the home buyers. There will be a number of solar-powered applications to improve energy utilization efficiencies for the building and its residents.

Heat Insulation

The biggest but most obvious innovation in the ClaySys Lifestyle home construction projects in Kochi might simply be the use of professional heat insulation. The insulation is applied to the internal walls, floors, and ceilings, with an insulation rating up to an R-Value of R20. The professionally installed heat insulation ensures minimal dissipation of heat into the interior living spaces and is designed to prevent heat gain by the mass of the building structure (walls, ceiling..) preventing them from radiating heat into the interior spaces.

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ClaySys Heights: Apartments & Villas

Welcome to ClaySys Heights, a distinguished residential gated community nestled in the vibrant city of Kochi. Boasting a harmonious blend of apartments and villas, ClaySys Heights stands as a testament to luxurious living and contemporary design. Set amidst lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, this premium project introduces globally-inspired amenities and features to redefine residential living in India.
At ClaySys Heights, residents are treated to a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and convenience. From state-of-the-art facilities to meticulously crafted living spaces, every aspect of this esteemed community is designed to elevate the modern urban experience.

Upcoming Project

ClaySys Highlands: Your Ideal Home in Pallikkara

Discover the epitome of modern living at ClaySys Highlands, the newest venture by ClaySys Lifestyle nestled in the serene locale of Pallikkara. Offering an exclusive blend of contemporary design, upscale amenities, and natural surroundings, ClaySys Highlands presents the ideal canvas for your dream lifestyle.
Embrace luxury living in our meticulously crafted 3 BHK apartment complex, where every detail is thoughtfully designed to cater to your comfort and convenience.


Home Building Focused On Modern
Comfort, Without Raising The Cost

We are a designer and builder of contemporary homes and are based in Kochi in Kerala. There has not been a lot of innovation in the home construction business in Kochi, especially around energy efficiency and comfort, especially given the tropical climate that we live in. At ClaySys Lifestyle, we have set up a home building company that focuses on modern comfort and lifestyle amenities as a default feature in all the homes that we build. Some of the key highlights of any ClaySys Lifestyle home is the R20 insulation that makes air conditioning exponentially more efficient.

By ensuring the homes, whether they be apartments or villas, are insulated appropriately, we can significantly reduce the air conditioning system capacity and energy consumption. Allowing our customers to have a guilt-free low-cost experience with air conditioning has been an eye-opener in the construction industry, and the technology innovation that has enabled us to deliver these capabilities without raising the cost of construction a lot has been a key to our success.

Completed Project

Vince Villa: Independent Home Construction Project

Introducing Vince Villa, an architectural marvel meticulously crafted by ClaySys Lifestyle. Spanning an impressive 3000 square feet, this luxurious abode offers a harmonious blend of space, style, and sophistication. 
Boasting four generously-sized bedrooms, including a versatile studio, Vince Villa provides ample room for both relaxation and productivity. With central air conditioning ensuring optimal comfort year-round, residents can bask in the tranquility of their surroundings across three exquisitely designed stories.


Interactive Home
Automation System For All Homes

We have also introduced integrated home automation technology into all our homes. This has enabled our customers to enjoy access to a practical remote control to all the electrical and HVAC services in the home, through an app on their smartphones that can be used from anywhere in the world, and from inside their homes. The design of the ClaySys Home Automation Technology is such that it avoids a single point of failure, with a very practical design targeting the Indian environment. This robust and practical design allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of such cutting edge technology for the long term, without making this technology redundant, through auto-updates to the software, and self-monitoring technology.

With automation becoming a central theme for innovation in almost every industry, we are gearing up for building automated homes and communities of the future. ClaySys Lifestyle is powered by the technology innovation at ClaySys Technologies, which ensures access to the right expertise for the roadmap of innovation ahead of us.

Home Automation System

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Your Dream Home

The homes we construct can be equipped with a Solar Power plant on the rooftop, at no additional cost to the home buyers in Kochi. There will be a number of solar-powered applications to improve energy utilization efficiencies for the building and its residents..