About ClaySys Lifestyle

The ClaySys group of companies started out in the IT sector with ClaySys Technologies Pvt Ltd. Since most of our key employees were returning to India after working extensively in the US and other parts of the world, it became very important to ensure an appropriate lifestyle for our key employees, to allow them to look at a career with ClaySys from a long term perspective. One of the biggest challenges in relation to this need was the quality of housing available in Kochi. While any number of Premium Villas and Premium Apartments are available, unfortunately, none of them are designed for Centrally Air Conditioned comfort. ClaySys Lifestyle Pvt Ltd was born out of this need to provide quality housing for our key employees within the group, through leveraging our extensive experience in building very competent teams. We assembled and employed a group of experienced and talented designers and engineers, to participate in building international quality housing at feasible prices in Kochi. Our designs adhere to international building code specifications for Heat Insulation, Central Ducted Air Conditioning, Smartphone Apps for Home Automation, Laminated Glass for Forced Entry proof facades, while leveraging sustainable Solar Power for the energy requirements to the extent practical.

ClaySys Lifestyle Pvt Ltd has the mandate of developing quality residential and well as commercial office space. Our first two projects are in Kakkanad, with our residential project ClaySys Heights coming up 600 meters from Infopark Phase 2 with close to 250,000 square feet of built-up space, and our first commercial office project, ClaySys Campus is coming within Infopark Phase 2, where we are developing an IT office campus with more than 300,000 square feet of built-up space.

The ClaySys Group of companies was founded by promoters that grew up in India, but spent a significant portion of their careers working outside India. The two key promoters of ClaySys Lifestyle are Dr. Manoj Tharakan and Mr. Vinod Tharakan who are expanding their entrepreneurial initiatives with the growth of their businesses in India.

Our Vision

To accelerate the transition to a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle, through applying innovative and practical designs to building homes and work environments.

We believe that not enough attention is being paid to creating community environments conducive to excellent work and residential lifestyle in India as yet, besides the super-premium housing sector. ClaySys Lifestyle Pvt Ltd was established to focus our energies on developing work environments and residential communities that are supportive of the best lifestyle options, that are feasible and practical in India, through leveraging modern proven technologies that are feasible in cost but provide exponentially better benefits. While there has been tremendous progress in almost all industrial sectors of India, it is unfortunate that the residential housing sector is still in the ‘Ambassador’ and ‘Fiat’ days, to use the analogy of what the automobile industry looked like in India, prior to the entry of modern technology and vendors into the auto industry. The industry is currently modeled on multiple layers of sub-contractors, with no proper ownership of design and quality by any key stakeholder. ClaySys Lifestyle takes ownership of all key aspects of building the residential community and homes, such as Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering, HVAC Engineering, Electrical, and Plumbing, by having full time experienced employees dedicated to these key departments and functions, with only day to day labor staff working on a contractual basis.

Our Culture

The ClaySys family of designers, engineers, and craftsmen, are hands-on, willing to multitask, and passionate about what they do, with the spirit to run the extra mile. All our key team members are full-time employees at ClaySys, including Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering, HVAC, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, and Landscaping. You simply cannot provide quality of an international standard, and ongoing maintenance, without a dedicated in-house team. We structure employee incentive plans that include a path to owning their own homes through ClaySys. We facilitate International travel to have our team experience and absorb the latest designs, materials, and lifestyles possible, and we support ongoing skill acquisition through training and specialized educational courses.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy focuses on comfort, simplicity, and practicality, to ensure an excellent lifestyle for the communities we build and maintain in a sustainable manner. Being a core technology company, many of our innovations on design are technology-driven, with a focus on practicality, and future ongoing ease of maintenance and use. In many respects, we believe we are putting in place the foundation of what a modern home needs to be in Kerala, for a happy and sustainable lifestyle. While traditional techniques and methods that have evolved over hundreds of years do make a lot of sense most times, it is also important and critical to ‘reason by first principles’ to ensure that modern proven and practical science is applied in the quest to meeting design goals. A good example of this is ‘Heat Insulation’, as while there are a number of traditional means of heat insulation, you can exponentially optimize and increase the R-Value of your homes, by applying modern insulation materials like Styrofoam, Polyurethane Foam, or Glass Wool.