Vinod Tharakan is a Computer Engineer and serial entrepreneur, currently based in Kochi, Kerala. After graduating from the Goa College of Engineering in 1995, he spent a significant part of his career working as a Senior IT Professional with companies in North America, Europe and the Middle East. He moved back to India in 2005 to start his first IT Company, in Kochi Kerala. In 2010 after moving into Infopark Kochi, he founded ClaySys Technologies PVT Ltd, a specialized IT Product Company. The ClaySys AppForms product, is one of the leading ‘No-Code’ Application builder products for on-premise installations and cloud computing configurations, and also supports a version for Forms/Workflow automation in SharePoint. ClaySys employs more than 250 professionals today, with offices in Infopark Kochi, Infopark Cherthala and in Florida, USA.

With many of the key employees at ClaySys having worked extensively outside India, prior to taking up the opportunity with ClaySys in India, one of the key challenges was to ensure excellent lifestyle options for them in Kochi itself. So to support this initiative, ClaySys Hospitality LLP was founded, that today runs a premium food catering service within Infopark Kochi, while also operating the popular Currymean Multi-cuisine restaurant at the Athulya Building in Infopark. ClaySys Hospitality also provides large scale food catering services to the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and KPMG campuses within Infopark Kochi.

The quest for excellent lifestyle options in Kochi for its key employees led to the next venture, which is ClaySys Lifestyle PVT Ltd, a premium Villa and Apartment development coming up next to Infopark Phase 2. This project is called ClaySys Heights, and is probably the first residential development project in Kerala, if not India, with key features like Central Air Conditioning, US building code standards based Heat Insulation for the walls, ceiling and floor, Smartphone App based home automation, with a 100 KW Solar Powered micro-grid on the rooftop, floor to ceiling glass facades and other luxurious amenities.

To support the growth of the core IT Business, he founded ClaySys Infrastructure PVT Ltd, and its first project is the 300,000 sq.ft. IT Office Campus coming up within Infopark Phase 2. This IT Office Complex is targeting the facilities and amenities required for core Intellectual Property based product companies, who need to attract and retain senior talent, and features extensive work lifestyle options like a Tennis Court, Club House, International Gym, Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Roof top gardens and premium dining facilities. All these premium facilities would be available to the tenants leasing space with ClaySys Infrastructure.

The key value add and USP behind all the ventures promoted by Vinod are the tight quality control and management, that is only possible through building the core team in-house, instead of sub-contracting the work related to the projects. So at ClaySys Lifestyle, the Architecture and Design team, the Electrical Engineering and plumbing team, the Civil Engineering team, the HVAC team, and the Fabrication and Wood working teams are all full time employees. This ensures tighter quality control and predictable project execution, while ensuring ongoing support and maintenance services to all our clients.

Vinod lives with his wife Cynthia, daughter Maya and son Dev, in Kochi, Kerala and spends time between Kakanad and his home town Olavaipu which is 25 KMs south of Kochi.