Luxury Apartment - Overview

ClaySys Heights is a gated community that also has luxury apartments blocks, which are Centrally Air Conditioned, and coming up near Infopark Phase 2 in Kakanad, Kochi. The luxury apartment building is designed with maximum floor to ceiling glass facades, and ducted central air conditioning. To ensure energy efficiency and comfort for the air conditioning, the premium apartments have their walls, ceiling and floors insulated against heat absorption and radiation up to an R-Value of R20. Each luxury apartment will have an integrated home automation system that allows the control of the lights, fans, switches, air conditioning and other appliances using a ClaySys Home Automation Smartphone app. The apartment building will have a 100 KW Solar Panel system installed on the rooftop of the building for solar power applications supporting the various power requirements within the building. All the apartments are 3 Bedroom units, and with all the premium features you expect from a luxury apartment. Each apartment is being launched at a base price of Rs. 55 lakhs for a 1500 sq.ft. 3 Bedroom apartment.


  • 100 Kilowatt rooftop solar power plant
  • Central Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Heat insulation up to R20 rating
  • Home Automation With Smartphone App
  • Floor to ceiling glass facade
  • Ground floor party & entertainment center
  • Ground floor billiards, cards & games room
  • Ground floor driver/maid rest area
  • Ample car parking
  • Landscaped gardens

Luxury Apartment Features

ClaySys Lifestyle’s founding goal is to pursue a sustainable, modern and contemporary lifestyle through the luxury living spaces and homes created.

We use a combination of the modern housing code standards, as well as the opportunities presented by sustainable energy sources like solar energy.

  • Ground +12 floors and 2 basements for car parking
  • 3 Bedroom apartments with 7 unique floor plans and 3 Penthouse duplex apartments
  • Rain water harvesting and ground water recharge
  • Water recycling
  • Sewage treatment
  • Generator power backup
  • Green construction practices
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity through the use of selective species in landscaping

Premium Facilities

Waste management

It is our firm belief that waste segregation is the responsibility of the individual. Of the segregated waste, the biodegradable must be handled at the house level, in the backyard, or using one of the innovative waste management equipment available today.

The recyclable waste can be initiated at the community level, where waste can be given to one of the many agencies involved in recycling.

The non-recyclable, must be reduced and either the community creates its own landfill, or uses the corporation.

Rainwater harvesting and recycling

Harvesting rainwater to the extent practical has been designed into the plans of the buildings and the landscaping of the projects. Water from the rooftops is collected through a network of pipes, after which it is filtered prior to storage in underground tanks. Any excess roof water and ground water is percolated through to the land with a series of percolation channels and pits.

Water recycling

We have onsite sewage treatment plants to recycle all the waste water. The waste water from the kitchens and bathrooms is collected and treated with a series of bio‐filters. This water is then used for gardening and for toilet flushing. This recycling plan can bring down the overall consumption of water by 30% to 40%

  • 24 hour Generator back up
  • Provision for broadband for homes
  • Party space, swimming

Luxury Apartment Floor Plans

ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type A
Type A
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type B
Type B
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type C
Type C
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type D
Type D
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type E
Type E
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type F
Type F
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type F1
Type F 1
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type G
Type G
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type G1
Type G 1
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type H
Type H
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type H1
Type H 1
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type I
Type I
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Type I1
Type I 1
ClaySys Heights Luxury Apartment - Site Plan
Site Plan

Location Map


ClaySys Heights Pinarmunda - Padathikkada Road Next to Infopark Phase 2 Kakkanad Kochi Kerala India 682030.