Dr. Manoj Tharakan is a Radiologist currently working and living in Perth, Western Australia. He is well regarded in his field by his peers for his competence and super specialization in Neuro and Paediatric Radiology. He is also a business partner and equal shareholder with the Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC). PRC is owned and run by an elite group of 20 medical professionals who are the shareholders like Manoj, and is one of the largest independent Medical imaging practices in Australia. PRC has over 70 doctors and more than 600 employees who supports the operations for a network of 18 community and public hospitals around the Perth Metropolitan area. PRC also provides imaging services to four of the bigger independent private hospitals in Perth.

Dr.Tharakan accumulated a collection of degrees over his career, in his pursuit of excellence in the medical imaging field. Striving to balance his keen business acumen with his commitment to the greater good has taken him on a journey through prestigious medical institutions in India, where he worked at CMC Vellore, after his assignments at the Goa Medical College where he did his base degree and MD, followed by key fellowship programmes in institutions around the world, before finally settling in Perth, Australia.

Dr. Tharakan and his family continue to have close ties to home in Kerala, and have expanded their business interests by investing into some joint ventures with his brother in Kerala. Key among them are the 300,000 sq.ft. ClaySys IT Office Campus coming up in Infopark Phase 2 at Kakanad, and ClaySys Heights, a 250,000 sq.ft. Premium residential gated community, coming up next to Infopark Phase 2.

Dr. Tharakan is a Director and promoter in the Indian companies, and brings to bear his experience with commercial office space buildings owned and managed by PRC in Perth, to support and influence the designs and lifestyle options being finalized for the residential and commercial ventures being promoted by ClaySys.

Dr. Tharakan is settled in Perth Australia, where he lives with his wife Rose and two sons Chirag and Akash. At heart he is a family man, with his feet firmly on the ground, while also being an astute and a circumspect investor who believes in slow and steady progress, while holding integrity and commitment to quality, close to heart.